Animal Healing North London

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REVIEW .. BARNABY.....For several years a stray cat kept coming into our garden, I named him Barnaby.
He came, he hissed, he ate, he left. After about 5 years his health suddenly declined considerably - at times he could hardly walk. But it wasn't only arthritis ( which I guessed), also the whole digestive tract and ( as I heard later from Tasha) the kidneys and the heart which gave him lots of trouble. He vomited frequently, trembled for hours, was so weak tat he couldn't even groom himself anymore. It got so bad, I really was alarmed. But what could I do? He was so afraid of contact, one couldn't even get near him. Which meant, I could never call a vet - he would run away and maybe never trust me again. So, what could I do?
Luckily he stayed more and more in the garden and eventually, after many month of waiting, accepted a kind of shelter on the patio. That in itself was a minor miracle.... As long as I kept a 2 meter distance....
But still, I was on my wits end about how to relief his suffering.
One day I suddenly went to my iPad and googled "distant animal healers". I read all the websites, looked at the healers faces but nothing in me responded. And the I came across Tasha's web and knew, it had to be her or none at all.
I phoned her number and lo and behold, got her right away. Again, the moment I heard her voice I realized I was in contact with an extraordinary human being. The way she listened, the questions she asked, the suggestions she made - so natural, so compassionate, so willing to help and most of all, out of love. Yes, latter was the priority, not  earning her living.
And so it began. She treated him for around 3 years. Sometimes twice a day for weeks, other times just 3 times a week - always according to his needs. And I tell you, I could literally see how he drank it in.....
The wonderful thing was that she would always respond as soon as I contacted her, never impatient, never less loving. Be it weekends, Bank holidays - she somehow found the time to treat him. Even during her private holidays. It was like a miracle . In the beginning I was a bit afraid that Tasha might get fed up because he needed this constant maintenance ( having so many things wrong at the same time), but no, she never wavered. And slowly, slowly  he got more stable.
Sometimes Tasha would go to far away places for a couple of months but she would always notify me beforehand and promise to continue treating him. Whenever she got access , she would respond to my mail and inquire how he was. She never never spared herself. She gave and gave abundantly right from day one. Where do you find nowadays someone who is so capable, so willing to give so wholeheartedly ! Such a service cannot be repaid with money ever. I think more and more that the universe from time to time send us such a being in order to learn what true giving means.
And do you know, whenever he got downhill I would say: I am going to ask Tasha to help you with an extra healing!, he looked straight at me which he didn't do often. And then he would close his eyes and put himself in a lying position , just as he did when I knew she would treat him. He knew, no doubt.

At the end of three years Tasha went to Guatemala, San Marcus, a place charged with healing power. Again she also treated him from there. And suddenly his still lingering ( yet lessened) ailments seemed to subside, he perked up considerably and really got better by the day. Of course his arthritis was still there but that was due to all the rough sleeping he had had. He fell in love with a neighbours cat and for the first time in 9 years I heard his voice! He sang and sang and sang, ate like a horse and visibly enjoyed life to the brim. Two years he stayed that way, then slowly slowly , he moved like an old man and slept most of the time. Still ate like an ox, though. I never knew his age but he must have been 17, I guess. Some months passed until one day I just knew his time had come. Still no pain, just overall weak. I shortly considered to contact Tasha but somehow I had the feeling she was with us anyway, soul wise. ( we had kept in contact throughout his good period)

And low and behold, as she told me later, Tasha had felt Barnaby's presence sooo strongly during those last 3 days and had wondered about it. It was like a thank you for all your love and care....
But the thing was, that for me and surely also for him Tasha's energy WAS with us, when he was lying there. Such was the bond.
Having success in reducing a Tumor or any immediate big healing is of course very rewarding for any healer. But doing what Tasha did with Barnaby requires such patience , perseverance and ongoing commitment - a person with a big ego would get fed up and irritable.
I know my review is way too long but if you witnessed the change in this animal after she started treating him, you couldn't stop either.
Tasha is a gift from heaven and that's a fact. For any pet, any owner, any yoga class. She doesn't do healing, she IS healing per se, just by being herself. She doesn't talk about love or compassion, she IS it.
What a blessing to have met her. What a blessing....
Elisabeth Linder

Barnaby, pre- reiki treatment