Animal Healing North London

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Tasha came to work on our young lurcher, Finn, several times over the last couple of months.  Although very good natured, Finn is a high energy dog with some separation anxiety and a tendency to bully other dogs when he plays off-lead.  We knew a little about Reiki and were glad to take up her offer of sessions with him to work on his behaviour.

Finn was very receptive to Tasha and responded right away to the Reiki.  He was very relaxed afterwards and for the following few days seemed much more peaceful.  Our dog walker also described him as being less frantic during the days following his initial treatment.

We discussed crystals with Tasha and resolved to use them ourselves with Finn as part of our ongoing work with him.  I think an aspect of treatment that has been of great benefit to Finn is that we have been caused to think more sensitively about his needs through talking to Tasha and listening to her observations about his energy balance.

Subsequent sessions were equally beneficial to Finn and whatever his mood he would always enjoy Tasha's calm and comforting manner.  Through his Reiki, and our own efforts to work on his anxiety and aggression, he has continued to improve such that now he is far less stressed  when left alone and is beginning to develop more peaceful interaction with other dogs.  He sleeps most nights in his own bed, only coming to us if he gets cold!!!  

Greg Parker, London